Year Name
2014 Original Research
1st – Neil Copeland, M.D. (Charleston)
2nd – Neesha Amin, M.D. (Charleston
Case Report
1st - Hilary Morley, M.D. (Morgantown)
2nd – Zainab Akhtar, M.D. and Brad Akers, M.D. (Huntington)
1st (Original Research) - Stephanie Sisler, MD and Rafka Chaiban, M.D. (Morgantown)
1st (Case Report) – Poornima Pandiyan M.D. and Wes Branstiter, M.D. (Morgantown)
2013 Original Research
1st – Teresa Recker, D.O. (Charleston)
2nd – Baraa Alrazzak, M.D. (Huntington)
Case Report
1st – Sarah Steward, M.D. (Charleston)
2nd – Stephanie Sisler, M.D. (Morgantown)
1st (Original Research) – Ameen Alsharif, M.D. (Huntington)
2nd (Original Research) – Erica Tuckwiller, M.D. (Charleston)
2012 Original Research
1st – Luiz Ortiz, M.D. (Charleston)
2nd – Ravi Saripalli, M. D. (Charleston)
Case Report
1st – Kelly Gannon, M. D. (Huntington)
2nd – Cody Smith, M.D. (Morgantown)
1st (Original Research) – Steve Berry, M.D. (Charleston)
1st (Case Report) – Steve Berry, M.D. (Charleston)
2011 Original Research
1st – Collin John, M.D. (Morgantown)
2nd – M. Salah Agha, M.D. (Charleston)
Case Report
1st – Rohit Aswani, M.D. (Huntington)
2nd – Kokab Darbandi, M.D. (Morgantown)
1st – Chris Mercer, M.D. (Morgantown)
2nd – Steve Berry, M.D. (Charleston)
2010 Original Research
1st Beth Emrick, M.D. (Charleston)
2nd – Rohit Aswani, M.D. (Huntington)
Case Report
1st - Shilpa Balikai, D.O. (Charleston)
2nd – Elizabeth Saunders, M.D. (Huntington)
Christy Robinson, M.D. (Charleston)
2009 Original Research
1st – Beth Emrick, M.D. (Charleston)
2nd – Jeannie Co, M.D. (Charleston)
Case Report
1st – Beth Emrick, M.D. (Charleston)
2nd – Amira Khokar, M.D. (Huntington)
Audra Pritt, M.D. (Huntington)
2008 1st – Abdallah Dalabih, M.D. (Charleston)
2nd – Brian Ely, M.D. (Morgantown)
3rd – Sunshine Smoot, M.D. (Huntington)
2007 1st – Wassem Ostwani, M.D. (Huntington)
2nd – Kristina Reynolds, M.D. (Charleston)
3rd – Kristina Reynolds, M.D. (Charleston)
2006 1st – Amanda Snodgrass, M.D. (Huntington)
2nd – Shaista Safder, M.D. (Huntington)
3rd – Mary Bailey, M.D. (Huntington)
2005 1st – Lisa Wood, M.D. (Morgantown)
2nd – Shaista Safder, M.D. (Huntington)
3rd – Shaista Safder, M.D. (Huntington)
2004 1st – Akashni Bhasin, M.D. (Huntington)
2nd – Oleg Kovalenko, M.D. (Charleston)
3rd – Mary Bailey, M.D. (Huntington)
2003 1st – Bradley Mitchell, M. D. (Morgantown)
2nd - Kimberly Shimer, M.D. (Charleston)
3rd – C. Lynn Patterson, M.D. (Morgantown)
2002 1st – Kelly Kreisler, M.D.
2nd – Marie DiFilippo, M. D.
3rd – Chad Smith, M.D.
3rd – Amana Nasir, M.D.
2001 1st – Misty Strow, M.D.
2nd – Dina Criniti, D.O.
3rd – Shannon Alexander, M.D.
2000 1st – Traci Warwick, M.D.
2nd – Sharon DeChristofaro, M.D.
3rd – Shannon Alexander, M.D.
1999 1st – Jeffrey Shaw, M.D.
2nd – Cassandra Salgado, M.D.
3rd – Chaundra Maddox, M.D.

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